Rev. Jerome E. Knoll, C.S.C.

Rev. Jerome E. Knoll, C.S.C.

U.S. Province C.S.C.

University of Notre Dame

Fatima House

Notre Dame, IN 46556

(574) 631-8402

Rev. Jerome Knoll, C.S.C., is a retired mathematics professor and a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross.  He entered the Holy Cross Seminary during his senior year of high school and soon after, entered the novitiate.  Father Knoll attended Moreau Seminary at Notre Dame and graduated from the University of Notre Dame.  He was ordained in 1960.  His teaching assignments have included 17 years in various high schools and 23 years of teaching math at Holy Cross College.  He also served as Staff Chaplain at Notre Dame for 10 years, Superior at Holy Cross House for 2 years, prefect in Keenan Hall for 1 year.  He also served in the Institute for Clergy Renewal and has lived in both Corby Hall and Moreau Seminary.