Rev. Michael B. Sullivan, C.S.C.

Rev. Michael B. Sullivan, C.S.C.

Holy Cross Associate

University of Notre Dame

311 Corby Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556

(574) 239-8419

Rev. Michael Sullivan, C.S.C., is a professor at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana.  At Holy Cross College, he has served as an Associate Professor of theology, philosophy, and history; Chair of the Division of Theology and Philosophy, 1991-2011; and Adjunct Associate Professor from 2011 to the present.  He has also served in a variety of positions at the University of Notre Dame including Assistant Rector of Zahm Hall, 1983-1985; Rector of Carroll Hall, 1985-1998; Adjunct Instructor in the Freshman Writing Program, 1987-1991; and Chaplain for the Golf Team, 1988–1998, and 2017 to the present.  He has also taught at St. Joseph’s High School in South Bend and served as a Chaplain to the community at the Notre Dame International School in Rome.  Father Sullivan was ordained in 1975.