Rev. Thomas G. Streit, C.S.C.

Rev. Thomas G. Streit, C.S.C.

Associate Professional Specialist, Biological Sciences

University of Notre Dame

351 Galvin Life Science Center

Notre Dame, IN 46556

(574) 631-3273

Rev. Thomas Streit, C.S.C., serves as the Principal Investigator of the University of Notre Dame’s Haiti Program.  A 1980 Notre Dame graduate, after ordination in 1986 he served as Rector in Morrissey Hall, and subsequently completed doctoral studies in arbovirology during 1994.  Joining the faculty after a postdoctoral fellowship with the federal Centers for Disease Control, Father Streit’s work has placed ND in a position to apply the fruits of research to the field in a fashion which students and alums can participate in, and which responds to the Gospel call of service to the least.  Sponsors have awarded more than $20 million to build a model program for elephantiasis elimination, and under ND leadership and with the collaboration of the U.S. C.D.C., Haitian government and others, up to 8.6 million have been treated annually for the disease while providing secondary benefits to what is among the most healthcare-deprived countries.  Included among these is raising the IQ of the troubled country via salt iodization.  Father Streit has also worked on the epidemiology of malaria; dengue and Chikungunya viruses, leprosy, and H. pylori gastritis.  He also enjoys teaching first-year UND students, and pastoral service at Holy Cross Hospital and St. Rose Parish in Leogane, Haiti now for more than 20 years.